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The Web2k Manifesto (NEW!)22/02/2022

A Manifesto for a Better Web.

NFTs and You15/01/2022

A blog post on terms and others used by Cryptocurrency & NFTs. Prepare to Suffer through this mess.

The September Plans03/09/2021

A blog post about the plans for the 9th month.

Waiting for Godot no More18/07/2021

A blog post about a new game's postmortem, and.. the title.

The World will Know14/07/2021

A blog post

Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 26/03/2021

A blog post series on Uneven's opinions on the titular. ENTER THE WORLD OF READING HORROR!

2021 Gaming is Stupid 27/02/2021

A blog post on Uneven's opinions on 2020/2021 gaming. It's not looking nice exactly.

3 Years of Indiedev 12/10/2020

A blog post on looking back at achievements, many, many failures, and ahead.

Coroutines in Lua 19/09/2020

A blog post on utilizing Lua's coroutines.

3D Rendering goes Uneven 04/09/2020

A blog post on the opposite of 3D rendering.

Aftermath of Indiepocalypse 28/06/2020

A blog post in my opinions on the state of Indie gaming.

The Future Is Raytraced 23/04/2020

A blog post on the power of raytracing.

Operating Systems, and Language Hell 02/04/2020

A blog post on OSdev, and why I like using C.

Upcoming stuff! 30/03/2020

Wow, I suck at updating! Currently I am finishing up the game Lone World for Linux and Windows and starting work on an awesome project done from scratch. What is it about? You'll see!