3 Years of Indiedev


These have been some of the more interesting years in my life so far. I always had imagined one day that'd make many amazing things through games, and so tried to fit my way into studies that'd best correlate with that.

In 9th Grade ('Fundamental Studies 2', before Medium School in Brazil), I had a very wonderful Mathematics teacher who had experience in programming and encouraged me to go forward with learning. He has moved into a different state but is very happy that I had eventually followed on his word.

I also too keep remembering the odds places and amazing people I managed to meet. My best friend, 'Nerdo San', has encouraged me with odd ideas and many fun times ever since our times on Roblox. I also had a friend last year who became a fan of my games, we don't talk much since the Pandemic but I hope they're well, we once had a metro to the capital's mall and lunch, and discussed much along the way.

I've met many game developers, which I hope are developing amazing things, people like ne0ndrag0n, audments, Themperror, and many media creators, most close being Framerater, who I enjoyed making some fan content for.

Also must very much thank Jay Tholen, whose amazing project he designed, Hypnospace Outlaw, I participated in the many discord activities and helped test the game close to release. He is the one "big" developer most supportive of me and I'm blown away by that.


My first released title, Jim's Challenge, was a clone of the game I found interesting at the time, Chip's Challenge. It was bare, but perhaps still my most featureful game, with a menu, 'start and end', and even a map maker, embedded in the game and the same one used. I utilized Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and put my knowledge to test in this.

The Weird Room showcased my entry into 3D for games. At this point I had learned much more about 3D modeling and put it to the test in the Unity Engine. The surrealism shown was one of the elements I am most fond of. The Weird Room: Lightstorm is a recent remake of mine in the Godot Engine that had the whole room rendered in Blender's EEVEE, and animated within Full Motion Videos. It's my most well made title to date.

Advanced Pong was my first Lua game, and featured many perturbations in ways to play, all implemented in the popular LÖVE engine. Advanced Pong 2 was the very first time I ported the game to beyond the computer. More specifically, my beloved Chrome Red 3DS. Janky, but working.

Lone World was my first entry into third person platformers. It is unfinished though, and perhaps in a few months I'll give it deserved justice. It explored the idea of a lone astronaut in a just as apparently devoid planet.

Over 2018-2020, I've learned more and more about C++/C, and made programs using those. My most successful was Vaportrace, a raytracer I had worked on for the purposes of creating 90's raytraced imagery. Currently on the background I am working on a successor that is better programmed, implements more correctly features, and perhaps more. I'll make it available in the future, but in the meantime, check Vaportrace and Advanced Pong on my Github, it's where I also host this website.

Many Failures

Oh, the many games I announced and tried working on. Let's begin with Green Shirt, which I tried so for months upon months. Even Nerdo was involved. This was meant to be a wacky RPG starring the many ideas I gathered (and shamelessly were ripping off from games like Undertale) for years. I tried on all engines, ALL engines. But letting a noob make a rpg goes very badly, which I would not learn as of Legend of Beeb 2.

Megaknight was also ripping off things, but this time from Megaman/Wario Land. I realize also today it was too similar to Shovel Knight, complete with featuring a wacky protagonist.

The Ball of Defiance was meant to be a "modern day remake" of the shareware 3D Ball of Defiance, pitting you against peasants. The best way I can describe TBoD is like grabbing the best aspects of the Boost gameplay from Modern Sonic games and placing them on the most suitable thing. I may still try again to work on it someday.

BRAVELIGHT was made to be a tribute to games such as Super Metroid, with a heroine annihilating monsters utilizing a sword (blaster... included?), but featuring some tricky gameplay akin to a Souls-like. I also may still try to work on it someday.

OVERTIME was meant as a shooter game. You'd play as a vigilante protecting the people from monsters of pure darkness. Sounds similar to BRAVELIGHT? Probably, this one came before though. Someone else is already working on a cool B&W shooter though so no place for me to wander on.

And here we are, with the currently newest shelved thing, Legend of Beeb 2. I tend to drag myself into the dirt a lot whenever I inevitably have to cancel something of mine that went too far into scope, which has happened a lot. My mental health has considerably degraded a lot since then. It's my fault, certaintly, and perhaps I have bitten a lot into the idea of the indie always releasing big cool things. I'm incapable of that. May it be an actual mental defect (ADHD?) or just my lack of competency all together, I have come to terms with the fact the times I release something finished are once in a blue moon.

What further fuels my self-deprecation is the fact I put on this show for around 225 Twitter followers. 225 people. Put them in a theater and me in the stage and you have the current situation. I feel like a clown, not even one you laugh with. I am shocked people have still put trust in me to make cool things, some even commissioned me. It may be they just ignore the times I lie about being able to finish something and remember fondly whenever I actually do something and DO IT. Should I be more like them? Well, sure. But I should also not forget I have too learned from these faliures, and gained important skills.

The Future

I still produce weekly many renders. My newest one of Hollow Knight's Hornet has gained some attention, and I had made it to improve on my past attempt at modeling her. Not only she has a nicer cloak, correct body proportion, but also gained more stylization of mine. My experients with Volumes on recent ones have also proven popular, as is the addition of composting, gamma/brightness adjustments, and more to make things pop.

As I mentioned, I work on C programs sometimes, of which currently will be my next raytracer. Tools need no mention. I may also produce some more reviews on games I like, and also stream more on Twitch.

And what about games?

What will I work on next?


Let's go onward!

Have a great day.

- Uneven Prankster

Back to the lab again!