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/*/*/ The September Plans

The Bracket Star Server

Here's the gist: companies loooooove when you're in their services. They HAAAATE if you're not in them or not giving them sweet sweet ad and info data. And guess what: not a big fan of the tech ones. So....

"The Bracket Star Server" is a VPS that'll be funded by Patrons (like you!) soon to not only host this very website (sorry neocities but you need me to pay regardless to get cool videos here) but also services like a meta search engine (aggregates results from various search engines WITHOUT keeping any info on you), peer-to-peer video and more.

It'll even host my git repositories, so fair to say GitHub will see significant lowered usage soon.

Expanded Commissions

As of recently I've started learning Digital Art, it's the hot thing these days and I enjoy scribbling about. I have actually made a finished piece or two as well, but yeah, expect to be able to commission me for some nice arts soon.

Prices will also become a tad higher. I recognize now my art has improved in quality so it is justified. Please understand!

I may also be open to ecchi commissions as I feel more comfortable with drawing that kind of stuff. You're NOT going to get to throw me half a wad of cash to draw "teacher gets tittyfucked by prof. assblast" but you can, uh, ask me to draw someone naked just fine.

The September Game

As my birthday approaches, so does the announcement of the september game. It is about on the level of -FUTURE- LOVELESS of awesomeness but now with the whole team given all the time to finish things and being more experienced in general.

Some of you may already be guessing right who it'll be about... That teaser I put out yesterday should be all you gotta know.

On The Ugasi Show podcast it was announced that Ugasisvelta will be doing voice acting for this project! She's rocking already with what she recorded and we hope you'll like it too.

21st Night of September

Will you remember?