2021 Gaming is Stupid

My Experiences

I consider 2020 to be a really dumb and weird year. People still got infected by COVID-19, the USA elected a different president who still hasn't actively worked much on the things he said he'd do. Yes, I said it. All presidents are dumb.

I also got a Nintendo Switch for my birthday. It is a very nice console, however I only possess one game for it. But it's got to be the most serious case of Quality over Quantity in history: I purchased Moon RPG Remix Adventure, probably the most influential game possible to the RPG genre as proved by Undertale (which was how Moon gained the opportunity to gain a re-release+translation) and my favorite game of 2020.

Still haven't finished it, I treat playing this game like something important I have to reserve time towards. This is in spite of needing to read a GameFAQs guide to catch some of the monsters, but I feel it brings that kind of 90's 'Ultimate Game Guide' experience older folks talk about which I can finally experience myself.

I also have played a few small indie titles here and there, indulged more on Enter the Gungeon, became utterly stunned by CROSSNIQ+ (you should expect a Y2K aesthetic game from me in the future, no way I will die without doing that), and played more of my favs like TF2 or Black Mesa.

Oh, right, back to the struggle.

The Releases of 2020

Can you believe they released Final Fantasy VII Remake last year? Yes. Stop making those fucking 'time passing' jokes, you fucking piece of shit, you sorry excuse for a human being, I hope you die alone, you waste of space.

Anyways, this game was pretty big. However it only covers the Midgar section of the game, which isn't even a full disc's worth of FF7. I know this because I actually started playing it a bit last month. Cool game I guess. Not sure why they haven't focused on Part 2 and instead made Yuffie (I've played the game enough to have her in my party) DLC, a fucking battle royale mobile generic game, and a Compilation mobile game. Squeenix cannot resist it I guess.

There were a few indies released in 2020 like Carrion. They are fine enough games. However the emergence of more published indie games is making me sick to the stomach. As you may know from the indie article, I find publishers to be mean awful companies that go as far as to claim they make the games. Even ones like New Blood I give the bad eye to.

They also released other blockbusters like TLOU: Part 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. These games prove the game industry needs a second crash. Why? Because companies are profitting from exploiting employees' lifespan expectation through crunching and horrible pay, and also like busting any attempts at unions. Fuck you 100$ cigar smokers, there is a special place in the depths of hell for your kind.

These games kind of look ok too, but I say look ok. It's all starting to converge in my brain, a generic mass of big budget titles that have awful gameplay. Only indies pop up in my mind, indies like Friday Night Funkin'.

FNF is the most influential game of late 2020. Despite the simple rhythm game premise (which I suck at, which I learned about from the literally not-a-rhythm-game game Hollow Knight) its characters and music gave it an unique feel that has made the internet explode. It's only a matter of time and new weeks until the game starts decreasing in popularity, but I've taken the time to produce fan content that in long-term will help me acquire new unsuspecting (haha "sus" amogus) people hooked into my awful games and art. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

And no, Among Us is not a 2020 release. It released in 2018 and I saw it on a kid's phone in 2019. I really loved the Henry Stickmin Collection though.

"Uneven throws

conspiracy theories

about artifical scarcity"

The spike in prices of GPUs and general electronics components is currently why I am not looking into obtaining a RT-accelerated setup. I don't want to spend 3x more today when I could spend perhaps even less than 1x in some months. Unfortunately it sells. It fucking sells. People are paying scalpers THAT much for these and also consoles like the PS5.

I believe this is intentional. It gurantees instant sales for them. No wonder they immediately sell out! It's a perfect strategy. Even Nintendo is doing it. For digital sales. For games- YOU FUCKING MORONS. WHY ARE YOU MAKING THE DIGITAL GAMES LIMITED YOU ACTUAL-

we are facing technical

difficulties, please stand


Now that I got that anger out, wow am I still angry regardless about all of these. And it's continuing in 2021, it is by all accounts. The difference is that they are re-running the episode.

Back to the lab again!